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About Learn Bushcraft

Learn Bushcraft was born and bred in the West Midlands, by people who have a great passion for practicing and teaching bushcraft and outdoor living skills, and also other outdoor activities. Here at Learn Bushcraft, we will take away the everyday modern items like the internet and phones in order to disconnect you from the outside world, and we will re connect you with nature, teaching you skills and techniques that are needed for surviving outdoors, leaving you inspired to learn more.

Experiences are held at a range of different locations around the West Midlands. We have access to a range of areas, with a wide variety of trees and nature. We will be working in the woods, so appropriate footwear and clothing is essential, jeans shouldn't be worn on these events. Please check the weather forecast before you attend, and be as prepared as you can be for your experience ahead. Basic facilities will be available on site, in the form of a natural composting toilet. There is no running water where we will be going so everything we need must be taken in and out of the woodland by us.

It is with regret, that we have to impose a minimum age on the experiences that we provide. The minimum age for all of our experiences is 12 years old on the day of the event. We do ask that ALL under 16s are accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout the event.

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I am James, and I have a great passion for the outdoors. I have been practicing, learning and teaching bushcraft skills for 9 years to people of all ages. When I have a spare weekend, I enjoy nothing more than grabbing my bushcraft pack, and heading off into the woods for the weekend. I have 6 years experience as an Explorer Scout Leader in Birmingham, and have been heavily involved with Scouting since a young age. I have helped lead on Scout survival weekends, training and teaching young people the skills needed to disconnect from the world, and reconnect with nature.

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Disconnect from the world. Reconnect with nature