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Fire Lighting

At Learn Bushcraft, we offer both day, and half day Fire Lighting experiences. We can tailor the experiences that we give to your requirements or previous experiences. Both half day and full day experiences that we provide are written to suit groups of 4 to 8 people. 

Below are the experiences that we offer, either over half a day, or a full day. Both of our experiences include free hot drinks and lunch, cooked by you, on an open fire.

*This full day experience is inclusive of a FREE Learn Bushcraft Firelighting Kit for you to take home.

Fire Lighting - Half Day

During this half day Fire Lighting experience, you will be shown how to light fires in several different ways, before having a go yourself. We can guarantee that by the end of the experience, you'll have learned the skills, and gained the knowledge needed to be able to light a fire.

Learn Bushcraft is offering a half day Fire Lighting experience for only £40 per person

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Fire Lighting - Full Day

Learn or perfect the most primitive art of making fire. At Learn Bushcraft, we have 5 different ways of creating fire, and we guarantee, that you'll at least be able to create an ember through using one of our methods. Will you be able to grow this ember into something more? Why don't you find out more to give it a go.

Learn Bushcraft is offering a full days Fire Lighting experience for only £60 per person*

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