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Weekend Bushcraft Experience

Our Bushcraft Weekends are aimed at being the "next step" from our Taster Day. However, If you're ready to just throw yourself in and go all out, then this is the ideal thing for you.

As always with our experiences, we allow plenty of time for practical working, allowing you to really nail the skills, perfect techniques and ask the instructors any questions you may have.

Weekends cost £180 per person for people aged 16-18 on the day of the event, and £200 for adults over 18.

We will provide hot and cold drinks throughout the weekend, a basic lunch in the middle of each day, a hot cooked evening meal after the first day and a hot cooked breakfast the following morning.

What will you get up to over the Weekend?

Learn how to use a knife safely - Learn about different cutting techniques, tool care and best practices.

"Cross the River" - This is an activity designed to get you thinking about how you can use the natural woodland to your advantage.

Tinder Collection and Tree Identification - Learn about different tinder and how different species of tree are used for fire lighting.

Fire Lighting - Learn a range of different ways and manage to blow and ember to flame. We have up to 5 ways of lighting fires for you to try.

Shelter Building - Find a suitable location and build a shelter suitable for sleeping in, and learn how to set up a hammock and tarp.

Camp Pioneering - We will show you how to make cordage out of natural materials that can then be used for tasks around the camp.

"Complete the Objective" - An exercise that is carried out after dark that is designed to see how you apply yourself under pressure.

Camp Crafts - Make your own camp gadgets, useful things that will make your life in the woods more comfortable.

Tracking and Trapping Game - Learn the principal of tracking and trapping small game, what traps and snares to use, and where to use them.

Preparing Fresh Game - Learn to dress and prepare a small game animal that you have targeted whilst building your traps and snares.***

Water Collection & Filtration - Identify where and how to collect water, and how to make it safe and suitable for drinking drinking.

Whittling - Learn the steps to whittle your very own spoon from timber that you have found within the woodland.

Plus, a FREE survival Tin for you to take home and keep at the end of the day



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