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Our Bushcraft Experiences

We offer different experiences  to suit your needs and or requirements. We take everybody's individual abilities, needs and previous knowledge into consideration when planning experiences so that we can bring out the best in you, and to make sure that you have the best time possible with us. Please have a look at the sections below, showing some of the things we have on offer.

We run both half day and full day experiences, but due to the nature of some activities, we only run them as day long sessions.

Day Experiences

Are you bored of doing the same old thing every weekend? Then why not come and try one of Learn Bushcrafts day experiences and learn something different. Come to Learn Bushcraft to be taught different ways to light a fire, build shelters, learn the skills needed to properly and safely use a knife, cook your own lunch on a fire, and feel inspired to learn more.

Bushcraft Weekend Experience

Have you already experienced one of our day experiences? Back for more? Or are you are just willing to go all out? Then why not throw yourself into a weekend long experience. Learn how to build a shelter from natural materials, build and cook on an open fire, and sleep in the shelter you've built. These are only a few of the topics that we will cover on this weekend. 

Campfire Cooking

We will change the way you think about cooking on an open fire. We will show you different ways of cooking, from using cast iron pots and pans, to cooking with hand made tools, we can show you it all. You could even learn how to whittle your own spoon to eat with.

Dressing and Preparing Game

Have you ever wondered how to properly gut a fish? Skin and gut a rabbit? Maybe even dress a wood pigeon with only your thumbs? We can teach you theses skills. Give it a go, and then once the meat is ready for the pot, that's where it will go. You're then the one in control, cooking your lunch on an open fire.

Fire Lighting

At Learn Bushcraft, we have the means and skills to help you learn or refine one of bushcrafts most essential skills, fire lighting. We will show you the techniques needed to light fires in 5 different ways, and give you the opportunity to try all of them. You'll learn about the different styles of fire, and when it would be appropriate to use each style.

Hire Us

Are you a Scout leader that wants something new in your autumn/winter program? Are you part of a youth group that wants to learn something new? Are you even looking for a new Birthday party idea? Learn Bushcraft are now offering to come to you. If you can provide the venue, we can provide the activities. Please contact us for more information.

(Minimum of 6 paying participants)

If you would like any more information on the experiences we can provide, please contact us now

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